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YAC offers seasonal mid distance running camps to pre-teens and teenagers between the ages of 12 & 17. YAC's running camps are designed to encourage young athletes to improve their running performance, while embracing and consolidating a healthy lifestyle.


Our mission... is to deliver great experiences, while helping the younger generation, developing self-confidence and physical skills in a social and fun environment.

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Young Athletes Camp offers seasonal mid distance running camps which optimize your training and emphasise on running:

  • 5 Full day of running training camp

  • Excellent running trails

  • Training and advice from experienced coaches and runners

  • Group runs base on skill level

  • Average 2-3 scheduled runs per day

  • Nutrition guideline

  • Boy & girl high school age runners (12-17)

  • Social activities with team games & more!

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Good habits are easier to kick start when you step out of your daily routine.

At YAC, we believe the ages of 12 -17 is a golden time for a healthy life-changing impact by having a mentor or coach ​to improve physical & mental health, and maintain a lifetime running habit 

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Not Just Running

YAC is not  just about running! It is about personal development... the Young Athletes will go back home, with a thorough knowledge of training, racing, injury prevention, biomechanics, mental performance, and nutrition, as well as developing  personal relationship with coaches and likeminded individuals they can reach out to in the future.

We believe when you become a runner, it changes your life!

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  • What's included in the price for the camp?
    The price of the camp includes: A five day residential experience on a full board basis (breakfast, lunch & dinner) Welcome pack Expert coaching led by experienced UKA coaches / coaches currently working on the YTP Extensive agenda each day Group runs and structured training sessions Strength & conditioning / injury prevention day led by a chartered physiotherapist Nutritional guidance led by an expert in sports and nutrition (MSc from Loughborough University) Recovery strategies Training / life balance Mental wellbeing End of camp team cross country relay race Social activities with team games & more! Welcome pack Kindly note that the camp price doesn't include your travel costs to / from our camp
  • What is the age range of young athletes attending?
    Our young athlete camp is primarily directed for young athletes aged from 12 to 17 years old.
  • Do you offer scholarship places for young athletes to attend?
    Yes, we are offering six full scholarships places to attend our camp in 2024. To apply for a scholarship place please send in your answers to the questions below to Kerry at the email address here, along with a resume of your running and interests other than running; What are your running goals for 2024? How will you go about achieving them? What are your long-term future goals and aspirations both in and outside of running? What do you want to learn most about at the camp and why? Why should you be awarded one of the scholarship places? A full scholarship place will cover the full listed price to attend the camp. Kindly note that it does not cover your cost to travel to / from our camp. Applications will close at 6pm on Friday 1st March 2024. We will advise all applicants if they have been successful or not by Friday 6pm on 8th March 2024. Please include your contact details on your application so we can contact you in a timely fashion.
  • How much running will the young athletes be doing?
    We schedule up to two runs per day. Whilst we will advise young athletes on what will be best for them each day, we leave them to decide how often and how far they train each day based on their level of experience, age and fitness. We offer walking options as active recovery each morning as alternatives to our morning runs. It's important to balance quality training with appropriate recovery. We place a strong emphasis on managing training load, intensity and frequency throughout the week.
  • Is the camp suitable for young athletes who are sprinters?
    The camp is designed / set up for young athletes running middle distances from 800 metres upwards. For young athletes running sprint distances up to 400 metres, we'd suggest looking for an alternative training camp that's sprint specific.
  • What non-running activities are there?
    They'll opportunities for swimming, ball games and evening team events throughout the week.
  • What time does the camp start and finish?
    The camp starts at 2.30pm on a Monday and you are welcome to arrive from 12.00pm onwards to drop your child / children off. Your children will be ready for collection at 2.00pm on the Friday of the same week as the camp lasts 4 nights.
  • What does my child need to bring to YAC?
    Whilst we will send out full joining instructions nearer the time, we would suggest that your child brings; A selection of running shorts, tee shirts (long and short sleeve), running tights or track-suit bottoms, A light-weight waterproof running jacket and a fleece / warm top. Some casual clothes for the evenings. Running shoes are required but it’s not necessary to bring track spikes. Swimming costume, sunglasses and sun cream Towel, wash kit and toiletries. Note book & pen Some money for your child to visit the tuck shop in the evenings. Linen is provided so no need to bring any unless your child has particular requirements. Kindly note that any valuables your child brings to the camp is at your / their own risk.
  • Where do the young athletes sleep?
    On arrival, the Pastoral Care Leaders, Coaches and team will meet young athletes. After registering, the young athletes will be shown to their boarding house and will have time to settle into their rooms. We have separate sleeping arrangements for girls and boys, each with residential staff in attendance 24-hours a day. Most of the accommodation is in shared rooms. These rooms vary in size and, if so, these rooms will be offered on a “first pay, first served” basis to friends/relatives who wish to share. We will give priority to younger athletes for shared rooms and we will try to accommodate friends who wish to be next-door to each other. If your child is nervous about sharing, please let us know and we will do our best to find them a room on their own.
  • What happens in the evenings?
    We like to give our young athletes a chance to relax, so we always have a variety of evening challenges and activities. One of the highlights of the camp is our evening entertainment programme, as this is the time when the entire camp gets together to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, the company of others and to have some fun.
  • What about bed times?
    Young athletes have to report to their boarding house by 9.30pm (under 15) or 10pm (over 15) for a team check in and lights out at 10.30pm. This can (subject to the week’s performance) be a little later on the final evening. The pastoral care team checks in each child and our boarding houses are locked and alarmed at night for security reasons. Our young athletes are normally tired after a full day of activities and therefore it is important that everyone gets a good night's sleep.
  • What about onsite security?
    While life at camp is very much aimed at learning and having fun, supervision, security and safety are a vital part of our 24-hour daily operation. Before the camp, we carry out a full risk assessment of all the activities that take place. Our coaches and pastoral care staff are resident on site. Each boarding house is fully alarmed and Tonbridge School also has regular security patrols, operates CCTV cameras and security lighting.
  • Does YAC have a code of conduct and behaviour?
    We always try to create an atmosphere that’s relaxed and fun. We do however insist that there is high level of respect for our accommodation, facilities, staff, other people staying on other camps and most importantly each other at all times. We want to ensure that every child has a fantastic time and for that reason we keep a close eye on behavior. Fortunately, because the camps are for focused young athletes, we have had very few (if any) instances of teasing or bullying. However, please do tell your child that if this does happen they should quietly inform any member of staff immediately and we will take appropriate steps to rectify this. If problem behavior is persistent or serious, we will contact the parent or guardian to decide on further action but we reserve the right to send any child home immediately. Children’s parents/guardians will be asked to pay for any damage caused to the school’s facilities. All children must remain on site during their stay for their own safety. Behavior deemed inappropriate includes, but is not limited to: Leaving the grounds unless accompanied by a member of staff Threatening behavior Offensive, racist or insulting language Any consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs Entering the bedrooms used by the opposite sex Leaving or attempting to leave accommodation blocks (unless in an emergency) after lights out Theft or any illegal activities
  • What's your child safeguarding policy?
    All adult staff that attend the camp are DBS checked and interviewed beforehand to ensure that they are suitably experienced to coach / lead the young athletes at the camp. We operate our camp in accordance with the latest UK Athletic's Child Safe Guarding Policy & Procedures, copies of which can be found in the links below; Child Safeguarding Policy Child Safeguarding Procedures
  • Is there a refund policy?
    In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend the camp, as a default we will issue a refund as follows depending on the cancellation date; up to 28 days before the camp date : 50% refund 27-14 days before the camp date: 25% refund 14 days before the camp date: no refund However whenever possible will make our best efforts to ensure you receive as full a refund as possible subject to the costs which we are able to recover from our suppliers (including our venue hire). We will also endeavour to fill your place with another booking. In the event of cancellation due to Covid 19 or another unforeseen event, we cannot guarantee or offer any refund. We will however make our best endeavours to ensure you receive a full refund subject to negotiations with our suppliers (including our venue hire) or offer you the opportunity to roll your place to the following year's camp. Any scholarship awards for a place at our young athlete camp will be rolled to the following year's camp.
  • Who do I contact in case of emergency whilst my child is at the camp?
    In case of emergency please contact Richard Coates on 07770 523227 or Kerry Newell on 07539490758. We will supply a list of all other emergency contact numbers in your camp joining information pack.
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Coming Up

Ready for the next camp with YAC!!!!

Summer running camp is coming soon

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YAC Marchandise
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YAC has been running for over 10 highly successful years. Previously run at Wellington College, nearly a thousand young athletes have enjoyed happy weeks away creating memories whilst making new friends in a safe & encouraging environment. Our young athlete camps are run by camp directors Kerry Newell & Richard Coates. Kerry is an England Athletics Tutor, Club Run coach and has worked as part of the English masters marathon team. She currently coaches a teens 800m squad four times a week at her local athletic club. Richard works extensively with runners on a 1 to 1 basis and with young athletes in other sports to improve their running skills. He actively encourages youth participation in sport via gyms and bouldering centres he's involved in too. As very experienced UKA Coaches used to working with athletes of all ages, they always do their utmost to deliver the best experience possible for young athletes attending. Their own experience as parents with highly active children (Kerry - Mille, 14, Martha, 12 & Richard - Lauren, 19 Ethan, 16) can reassure you that your child / children will be in the best possible hands.

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